Sabba Strega

This is a personal style I’ve developed as an inspirational foundation for the user disneybombshell, who lives in an environment that is hot and deserty, with Ocean access.

1. the limitations placed on it aren’t exactly something you have to follow and 2. the contents of this post are subject to change at random times as I or C. evolve it.

– Storm, Air, Water, and Fire based m*gics.
– Folk M*gic
– Vulture Culture
– Succulents
– Wildflowers
– Driftwood
– Sea Shells
– Sand Dunes
– Dust Storms
– Desert Sunsets
– The Ocean
– Mermaids
– ”Witches of East End”
– “Penny Dreadful”
– Helena Bonham Carter
– Misty Day
– Generic AHS: Coven uniform
– Southwest / Midwest
– Southern Gothic
– Post Apocalyptic (VERY MINOR)

– Neons (Hot Pink; Neon Yellow; Electric Blue)
– Metallic colors (Gold; Bronze)
– Bold, Warm earth tones (Burgundy; Rust; Burnt Cienna)
– Bright Water Tones (Aqua; Robins’ Eggshell; Coral)
– Major Jewel Tones (Turquoise / Teal; Amethyst; Bright Orange; Ruby)
– Grey shades instead of true black (Charcoal; Coal; Silver)
– Off-white shades instead of true White (Cream; Eggshell; Off-White)

Patterns and Materials:
– Plain, Minimalistic (style), Geometric, or subtly patterned materials
– Lace and lace-like materials
– Light, Crocheted Materials (but not heavy knits)
– Airy, Sheer, and Flowy feminine materials
– If using “Native” / “Tribal” patterns, you are strongly encouraged to buy authentic “Native” / “Tribal” printed items from actual / authentic Native American Artisans
– Floral and other non-geometric patterns are discouraged

Accessories and Clothing:
– Fringe is actively discouraged as an accessory or embellishment
– Leather handbags and messenger bags
– Wide, Floppy Sun Hats and Headscarves / Headwraps in light material
– Lots of large, Chunky Necklaces, bracelets (especially bangles or leather), Anklets, toe rings, and finger Rings
– Beaded, Wood, Leather, Gemstone, Feather, Shell, and Sea Glass accessories
– Knee High Socks
– Gladiator style open sandals and strappy shoes, flats, and Victorian-esque shoes or ankle booties (especially with chunky heels)
– Dangling things
– Large Shawls and scarves
– Long skirts with slits, skirts that are knee high or higher, and shorts- especially high waisted ones
– Jumpuits, Playsuits, and Rompers in light or flowy materials
– Large flowy shirts, crop tops, and bandeau bras- especially layered

Look and Silhouette:
– Tailored Waistlines- pulling in large garments with a waist belt
– Airy and flowy clothing
– Mostly plain fabrics in neutral Earth tones, with statement color and pattern pops (as defined in “colors” and “Materials” sections)
– Illusion Layering where layering is done more with multiple fabric / layered individual pieces (such a s tiered peasant skirts) and through jewelry- instead of being done through an increased number of overall worn clothing items (such as layering multiple shirts or skirts).

In-progress Pinterest Inspiration Boards can be found here, whereas information about Cosetta Strega can be found here; For the (unofficial) Strega Manifesto, written by Tumblr User shortcuttothestarsgo here. For a general rundown of what I could piece together about the History of Strega, please see my post here.


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