Cosetta Strega

This is going to be my personal Strega style base. Feel free to use it as inspiration or whatever, but keep in mind that it’s personal.

1. the limitations placed on it aren’t exactly something you have to follow and 2. the contents of this post are subject to change at random times as I or C. evolve it.

– Domestic W*tchcraft (Cottagecr*ft, kitchencr*ft, hearthcr*ft, greencr*ft);
– Folk M*gic
– Vulture Culture
– Deer
– Curio Cabinets
– Apothecaries
– Cozy cottages in the Woods
– United American South
– Southern Gothic
– Wildflowers
– Fauns (mythical creature)
– BlueFooted
– Misty Mountains
– Forests
– Mossy Rocks
– Terrariums
– Pressed  / Dried Flowers
– Farms
– Early Era Peasant / Rural Farm Women
– ”Witches of East End”
– “Penny Dreadful”
– Helena Bonham Carter

– Dark but Bold earth tones (Burgundy; Rust; Olive; Plum)
– Muted or Bold floral tones (Lavender; Mint; Rose)
– Minor Jewel Tones (Turquoise / Teal; Amethyst)
– Grey shades instead of true black (Charcoal; Coal; Silver)
– Off-white shades instead of true White (Cream; Eggshell; Off-White)

Patterns and Materials:
– Plain, less, or subtly patterned materials
– Lace and lace-like materials
– Knitted or Crocheted materials
– Less “Sheer” and “flowy” (but not necessarily “heavy”) materials

Accessories and Clothing:
– Leather handbags and messenger bags
– Curio, Cameo, Feather, Leather, and Bone accessories
– Stockings (especially seamed)
– Victorian-esque shoes or ankle booties (especially with chunky heels)
– Large, Chunky Necklaces
– Lots of Rings
– Dangling things
– Chunky, Knit Sweaters
– Shawls and scarves

Look and Silhouette:
– Traditionally Femme / Feminine (skirts and dresses, no pants or shorts)
– Semi traditionalist- Knee Length hemline, or lower; not above the knee, even if it requires multiple bottom articles skirts to achieve a lowered hemline
– Tailored Waistlines
– Fitted, tailored, or otherwise tighter tops
– Mostly plain fabrics in neutral darks and / or lights, with statement color and pattern pops (as defined in “colors” and “Materials” sections)
– Illusion Layering where layering is done more with multiple fabric / layered individual pieces (such a s tiered peasant skirts) and through jewelry- instead of being done through an increased number of overall worn clothing items (such as layering multiple shirts or skirts).

In-progress Pinterest Inspiration Boards can be found here, whereas information about Sabba Strega can be found here; For the (unofficial) Strega Manifesto, written by Tumblr User shortcuttothestarsgo here. For a general rundown of what I could piece together about the History of Strega, please see my post here.


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