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Reviewing: Southern Living Comfort Food

Southern Living Comfort Food: A Delicious Trip Down Memory Lane” Published by Southern Living Magazine


I picked this cookbook up late last year when my Husband and I were collecting items and readying ourselves to start our own household. It went unused for a while, with me taking recipes out every now and again. Unfortunately I forgot about its existence when we finally made the move into our new house earlier this year. To be honest, though, it has been a battle to set our house up and settle into a cohesive schedule- doubly so when my own schedule has been so hectic and full of life this year. It wasn’t until I forced my Husband to move my bookshelf into another room not too long ago that I rediscovered it. Needless to say, several recipes from this book promptly made it into next week’s Meal Plan.

If you’re a Southerner looking to figure out how your Mother or Grandmother always made this or that, then this really is the book for you if you can’t get her to give up her own secrets just yet; it is certainly more true to the breed of Southern Cuisine that I grew up with than some of the other “Southern Cook Books” in my collection.

The recipes are simple, down to earth, and true to the South with very few frills except for the odd recipe- and there are a lot of them for such a small book (compared to others I own, at least); altogether it has plenty of time tested and classic recipes, as well as modern takes on old goodies- and even a few wholly modern ones as well. The formatting and structure is coherent as well, which makes it very easy to find the recipes you are looking for- something I am very thankful for in many ways. The pictures, too, add an absolutely wonderful touch to the book and the photography is not only well done, but stunning to boot.

As of right now it is one of my favorite Recipe Books that I own. I’m sorry to have left it alone and neglected it for so long after the final move to our own house this year. It has been wonderful to revisit its pages these last few weeks.

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