The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Me

Sometimes things happen in your life that make you rethink your perspective on something… And sometimes that thing is love.

In 2008 for my Senior year of High School I was transferred into a program meant for kids who were considered “at risk”. I was upset about it, but looking back it was what I needed; if I hadn’t been forced into the program, I likely wouldn’t have graduated. More than that, I wouldn’t have met someone who would turn out to be incredibly important to me later in life.

My crush back then was consuming and unrequited, I’ll admit. We talked a grand total of once during the course of the year, and he never knew my name; he was a quiet, shy man undergoing EMT training across the hall from my own Collision Repair courseroom- the secondary Vocational Course that I had chosen when forced into the SHARE program. Like him, I was also socially awkward and quiet at that point in my life- and I wanted to watch the world burn. We had a mutual friend in common, but for the most part my “crush” entailed hanging around outside of my class for an extra 5 minutes each day hoping to catch a glimpse of him- and being far too shy to actually say hello.

In retrospect, that wasn’t the best way to handle it.

But then I Graduated, promptly forgetting about him as I concentrated on getting as far away from my Hometown as possible. Or at least I did until we met one another on OKCupid last year. He was a great conversationalist and we had a number of interests in common. More importantly, we had a lot of the same goals in life and the same opinions on most of the topics that really matter. And so we decided to go on a date. It went amazingly, and soon we were going on more of them.

It took me a while to realize that he was the Man that I had had such an intense crush on in High School; we were sitting on his couch one night, my head in his lap and him playing with my hair, when we started discussing where we went to school when it hit me that was the reason he had looked so familiar to me all those months ago on OKCupid. I confessed to having had that crush on him- and to having acted in ways that most people would ultimately deem… Well… A little creepy. But he didn’t seem to be bothered by it, and so we moved on with our relationship.


Everything felt so normal. So natural; like we had known each other intimately for decades and had never spent a moment apart. I laughed at the absurdity of it all. I didn’t belief in Faery Tales or True Love or Fate; Surely the Universe was playing a joke on me, right? This never happens to real people, it’s only a myth; I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never came. Instead he turned out to be everything that I had wanted- and which a string of abusive relationships had always promised but ultimately failed to provide me.

By now we’ve been talking about Marriage since December. I picked out rings with him and he even asked my Parent’s blessing (who still does that?). And last night it finally happened: He proposed to me- and he did so on the beach, standing on top of a heart shaped rock we found in the sand, with the most beautiful sunset in the background. It was cheesy and it was cliche, and all very much “Faery Tale movie romance”. But I loved it, and more importantly I love him; I can’t wait to see what our life brings us- though I guess now I have to stop saying that I don’t believe in Faery Tales.

Signature Blue

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