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Reviewing: Edible History

Edible History: Easy Ancient Celtic, Gallic and Roman Techniques for Leavening Bread Without Modern Commercial Yeast” authored by Cassandra Cookson

tumblr_njo4vjShBO1u7g63jo1_1280Firstly, the formatting was very helter-skelter; it did not appear to be well formatted or structured at all- which was only exacerbated by the fact that it does not appear as if the book was edited even once. The errors are that plentiful and abound everywhere within the writing. Cassandra would definitely do well to create and release a revised edition… Preferably one that was more readable, improved in format, and free of some of the more extreme mistakes.

If you can get past all of the errors, however, this book is certainly interesting. I will more than likely revisit this book at a later date in order to test the methods and instructions. I have little doubt that that will work since they seem to be relatively commonplace methods for non-yeasted bread, but I cannot know for sure whether or not the methods described are truly historically accurate (people certainly love to misrepresent Gaelic, Gaulic, and Celtic history). It is still a highly informative and educational book none-the-less, and I do plan on doing my own research in an attempt to correlate some of the historical information found within it.

For now it is yet another bread book in my recipe files.

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