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Reviewing: Poisons

Poisons: From Hemlock to Botox to the Killer Bean of Calabar” authored by Peter Macinnis

tumblr_njo4vjShBO1u7g63jo1_1280I am truly unsure of what I expected when I picked this book out at the library. The cover was nice, the title was catchy, and something screamed to grab it and run like the wind. Needless to say I am very, very, very glad that I did!

The subject matter itself is extremely intriguing and covers such a broad swath of subjects relating to various poisonous substances. The greatest glory of this book, however, is how astonishingly informative and well written to its very core without being dry or boring. Page after page presents you with absolute gems of commentary that has you laughing, nodding your head in agreement, and outright philosophically pondering in equal measures; I know that the reasoning behind the phrase “We are poison’s children” certainly gave me some interesting ideas and made me think about things in a new way myself.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in the historical side of Poisons in many formats- and to the person who is interested in a few new ideas and philosophies concerning it.Signature Blue


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