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Reviewing: Astro Bread

Astro-Bread: Bread Recipes for Your Sign” authored by Iuliana Tita

tumblr_njo4vjShBO1u7g63jo1_1280I had a little bit of trouble reading this book; the formatting was a bit off. However, the author is not a native English speaker, so it does not bother me as much as reading something poorly written or formatted by a native English speaking author.

I am not sure that I would necessarily try some of the recipes mentioned for each Zodiac, but I can say that I found the Carrot and Walnut bread for Gemini (my own sign) very appealing. Others, too, were equally as interesting.

That being said, as someone who regularly makes bread you will need a working knowledge of basic bread-making techniques for these recipes. They are simple recipes, but if certain things are glossed over then it could result in a bread that refuses to rise- which means a spoiled batch. Ergo, I definitely recommend a basic knowledge of how to make yeasted breads for this, but they are still simple enough that a beginner could plausibly make them- something which I actually really liked about this book.

The only problem I really had is that I honestly wish there had been more material- maybe two or three extra bread recipe ideas for each sign, or an area giving you a better idea of what foods the author was talking about being “more beneficial for each sign”. A few resources for where they even got this information would have been nice to see as well, but sadly this book is lacking in any sort of bibliography.

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