Why A Homemaker?

A long while back now, I wrote a post about why I do what I do- referring to being a Homemaker and Stay at Home Wife. That post was written in response to a young lady (who has since deleted her blog) who had an almost terrifying vehemence towards Housewives that I am all too familiar with, having been that exact type of person with those exact views in the past.  Continue reading “Why A Homemaker?”

Etiquette & Manners

The Complexity of Being

I trawl through various Feminine tags quite often- whether it’s Femininity, Feminism, Gender Traditionalism, or any related tag that will deliver the content that I crave. During one such trawl at one point, I stumbled across two articles with a similar theme to them: That Femininity is weakness.
Continue reading “The Complexity of Being”


How to Take Care of Your First Camping Supply Box

Yesterday I talked about how to put together a basic Camping Supply Box– and what basic items you’ll generally need in it. But there are a few things I missed, that I’d like to go over with you today. Namely about what not to put into your box, how to keep it organized, and how to care for it even while you’re not camping. Continue reading “How to Take Care of Your First Camping Supply Box”


Putting Together Your First Camping Supply Box

Yesterday afternoon my Husband and I returned from four straight days of camping in Winfield, Kansas. My In-Laws had purchased the whole family tickets to the Walnut Valley Festival (affectionately called “The Bluegrass Festival”) for Christmas last year, and it was finally time for us to cash in on them. The write up will be coming in the next week or so, but it suffices to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! I genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better time when it came to my first Festival experience ever. Continue reading “Putting Together Your First Camping Supply Box”

Etiquette & Manners

The Power of Choice; Setting the Record Straight on Choice Feminism

Choice Feminism is little understood in certain circles of Feminist thought; most people are under the mistaken impression that Choice Feminism believes that all choices made by a woman are Feminist choices by default; that a Woman making a choice is always making a Feminist choice by default of calling herself a Feminist. This is not, however, the case at all.  Continue reading “The Power of Choice; Setting the Record Straight on Choice Feminism”

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A Dream Come True- and A New Apron!

My Mother-in-Law is a big fan of Garage Sales, thrift Shops, and Estate Sales. A long while back, she brought home a vintage Sewing Machine from one such trip: The Estate Sale of a Woman who had died, and whose children were convinced that my Mother-in-Law should be the one to take the machine. Continue reading “A Dream Come True- and A New Apron!”